TOM BIRD (1990) is a photojournalist raised in the U.K., based in Amsterdam and working globally. He explores stories about humans in relation to their environment, often portrayed with a tenderness and humility.

His photographic approach developed over a number of years documenting the growing skateboarding scene in the Palestinian Occupied Territories. Capturing the fragile freedoms of youth within an area of hostile military occupation helped sharpen his sensitivity, and taught him of the responsibility that comes with holding a camera.

His work has been published by i-D, Stack, NTS and Essay Skateboard Magazine, and exhibited as part of group shows in The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Czech Republic.

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A’IDUN العائدين
[the returnee]

2016 – ongoing

        Following the mass displacement of the Palestinian community that began in 1948 and continues to this day, Palestinian right-to-return is a hot point of discussion at the United Nations.  ‘A’idun’ is a title that the Palestinian dispora assigned to themselves, translating from Arabic (العائدين) to describe ‘those who shall return’. As a nod to this contentious issue I adopted a ‘right to return’ principle within my own work; whereby on each successive trip to Palestine I would bring with me prints from the previous visit, intending to ‘return’ them to their rightful owners. Here are a selection of those returned so far...